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Our Three Pillars

Guided by the autistic and neurodiverse community, we address your unique situations and concerns through an unbiased, curated video platform for you, about you, and by you with autism expertise from all over the world; providing a Spectrum of Solutions so that you can find your best path forward.

Showcasing and celebrating the strengths, gifts and talents that exist in each of us. Inspiring hope, happiness and financial self-sustainability throughout the neurodiverse community.

Providing resources and tools to educate and assist teachers, service providers and families while evaluating the effectiveness of treatments and interventions to help products and services be the most useful to those that need them the most.

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Our Star has changed

Our star has changed to incorporate the shining beams of light that exist in every human being with autism and neurodiversity. The brand was designed by my daughter Christina Sicoli who is a spectacular designer and understands autism from the inside out as a sibling in a large family where autism exists.

We at Autism Today have picked the star as our logo to emphasize the gifts, strengths and talents of neurodiverse individuals. As children, teachers gave us gold stars when we did a phenomenal job and to highlight our exceptional qualities. To us, every child is a star and has something amazing to offer to the world, something that we can shine a light on. Neurodiverse people, like Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin were able to channel what some may refer to as “limitations” into the progress and growth for all of society. Here at Autism Today, we seek to support neurodiverse individuals so they too might bless us with their gifts.

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Autism Service Dogs

If you’re a person living with a disability, you may have considered getting a service dog to assist you in some way. Service dogs are no longer only for the blind, after all. They can be trained to assist people who are hearing impaired or have mobility issues; to recognize low blood sugar in diabetics; or to alert people with epilepsy of an impending seizure. In fact, the abilities of these specially trained animals is almost boundless, provided they receive the right training and are paired with the right partner.