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You're probably wondering, what exactly is autism? Awareness of autism has certainly increased one hundred fold since the day I discovered my son was on the autism spectrum. Without all the confusion associated many different autism definitions, in my own words, experience and opinion, "autism is a communication and sensory disorder that effects behavior and social skills of the individuals diagnosed." This explanation, after working the field for twenty-six years, hosting 67 conferences and written many books on the subject while having two special needs children on the spectrum seems to make the most sense.

Since the new millennium many organizations have become involved to try and make sense of it all. Some include the Autism Society, Autism Speaks, Autism Now and so on. We even have an autism awareness month in the US and in Canada. In the US it is April and Canada is in October.

You've all heard the saying "many hands make light work" and that is how the different groups address the issue of autism. Autism Today has always and continues to be a platform to display global autism information, and resources in an unbiased manner. From hosting conferences, to writing books, we are proud to have connected many people in the autism world. It has been a true autism test to learn and grow in this field.

With new methods of diagnosis and treatment, its always a goal to stay ahead of the curve which is why we are proud to bring new resources such as representing organizations that are creating sophisticated, yet user friendly behavioral tracking tools and autism software for organizations working with children on the spectrum.

We continue to provide our best-selling autism tools such as the Autism Educaiton Online series of DVDs and our autism "mini quiz" that have helped millions worldwide in an easy effortless way. New autism sensory tools like the interactive robot cat and dog autism toys used to help create bonds with some autistic children.

We're super excited about our gold medal book "The Official Autism 101 Manual" which won the gold medal in the medicine category. It has been recently revised and updated along with Autism Tomorrow which is now called Autism for Tomorrow. These two titles will be available in the spring of 2018.

We are certainly glad and proud to be serving the autism community in so many and unique ways and especially thankful that you have come along with us on this journey. You will learn so much along the way and will teach us as well.

Thank you for being part of the Autism Today Community

With joy, love and peace,

Karen Simmons, Founder and CEO of Autism Today

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