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About Us

Executive Team

Karen Leigh Simmons
Founder, Gemologist, Director, Chief Executive Officer &
Creator of
Vincent Michael dela Luna
Founder, Filmmaker, Executive Chairman &
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Dr. Ronald Joseph Caissie
Director of Social Services at Autism Today &
Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Ultimate Progress
Dr. Stephen Shore
Director of Neurodiversity
Dr. Laura Chris Green
Director of Language Diversity and Inclusion
Karen Lo
Director & Chief Operating Officer
Law Jackson
Chief Design Officer
Dr. Christian Bogner
Chief Science Officer
Jonathan SicoliĀ 
Director of Post Production
Michael Jennings
Director of Development

Advisory Board

Dr. Temple Grandin
Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, Autism Rights Advocate
Dr. Tony Attwood
Clinical Psychologist specializing in ASD, Adjunct Professor at Griffith University
Gil Ilutowich
Chairman of the Board at Avinu Media, CEO at Emotiplay, CEO at Compedia
Ilan Goldberg
COO at Avinu Media, COO at Compedia
Asi Meskin
Business Development Specialist at Compedia
Dr. Alan Kadish
COO at ZIM Biosciences, CEO/Founder at Center of Health, CEO/Founder at Pure Living
Bill Macdonald
Founder at Macdonald Tuskey, President/Director at Blackbird Energy, Director at First Americas Gold, Director at Black Springs Capital, Director at Faith Spring Ventures,
Chairman of the Board at Canucks Autism Network, Co-Founder at Akiva
Alexander Landa
Co-Founder at Akiva, Director at Sonasoft
Cheryl Ginnings
Life Coach, International Speaker for Caregivers and Special Needs
Patty Beach
Executive Coach and Leadership Development Expert at LeadershipSmarts, Geologist
Roger Toennis
Managing Partner at Founder Advisors, Board Member at
Joseph Batty
Founder at Rethinking Capital, Founder at Pro Ventures Pathway
Robert McGarvey

Founder and Director at Rethinking Capital, Member of the Board of Advisors at Accirculate

Sky Canyon
Musician, Artist, Writer, Filmmaker, Business Mentor at Sky Canyon & Associates, Former President of Rising Sun Records, Former President and Publisher at New World Library
Kevin McNulty
President at the Canadian Institute for International Trade (CIIT), Vice President and Treasurer at KEEN Education Foundation, Board Member at the Alberta Counsel of Technologies (ABCTech), Member at Digital Alberta, Member at Ed Tech Alberta, DMIT Advisory Committee Member at NAIT (2009-2018), President at Coole Immersive Inc. (2002-2016)
Dr. Perry Kinkaide
President of Kinkaide Enterprises, Managing Partner of KPMG Consultingā€™s National Knowledge Management Practice and Edmonton Regional Office, Director at Varafy, Advisor at Troy Media Digital Solutions, & Former Assistant Deputy Minister, Director of Privatization and Funding Reform, Edmonton Regional Director and Regional Coordinator of Services for the Handicapped with the Alberta Government (1972-1986)
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