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The use of medical and biological techniques to ………………..

Hinds Marcia

Marcia Hinds wrote I Know You’re In There – Winning Our War Against Autism. This inspirational book is the story of her son’s recovery. Ryan works as an aerospace engineer. But more important than that Ryan has friends and is leading a typical life. Marcia has degrees in sociology and psychology from UCLA and is a credentialed teacher. But Marcia’s most impressive credential for writing this book is that she is Ryan’s mother and their family survived the autism diagnosis. Preview her book on Amazon or on her website at


Martha Herbert

Dr. Martha Herbert, a pediatric neurologist and neuroscientist and a brain development researcher, was awarded with the first Cure Autism Now Innovator Award. She also served on the Scientific Advisory Committee of Autism Speaks for five years. Prior to receiving her medical degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Herbert earned a Ph.D. in the History of Consciousness Program at University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Herbert’s focus in autism research centers around the idea of where autism fits into the larger scheme of things. She describes autism as a process of brain changes and not something that someone is born with. Dr. Herbert is also a writer and a public speaker and she shares her research through numerous publications, books, and speeches.

Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews, BS NC is a globally respected nutrition expert, accomplished author, and inspirational educator. Her guidance is backed by fifteen years of clinical experience and scientific research with complex neurological and physiological needs; particularly autism and related disorders.

Sveta Silverman

I began my medical career as a pediatric surgeon in the former Soviet Union. After I made Canada my home in 1991, I broadened my studies and work into the field of pathology. As a pathologist, I’m really good at finding the root causes of medical problems. I’m also good at finding ways to heal medical conditions. I have a passion for eating well, living a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease. I am a lifelong learner and as such, I am widely published and I am a Fellow in the Royal College of Physicians in Canada. As a Royal College Fellow, I am always enhancing my learning and skills through my commitment to continuing professional development through the Royal College’s Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.