The Official Autism 101 Manual is your ultimate resource for understanding and responding to autism as a parent or a professional. Only this master collection brings you the very latest ideas and insights from the authors and experts you already trust plus many new voices you can now hear for the first time.

With 44 contributors, you learn from dozens of caring experts and supporters who bring you the best the autism community has to offer.

The first and only resource of it’s kind for the autism community:
- A collective of the world's leading autism experts--all in one place
- Available in regular book and E-book format
- Live links to all related experts, websites, services, and products
- The complete range of perspectives, approaches, and methods

Winner of the prestigious IPPY Award in the Medicine Category

PARENTS: Whether you’re starting to explore the world of autism because of a recent diagnosis or whether you’re at apoint where you’ve done the research, read the articles, consulted the books, and would now like to access the world’sleading autism spectrum experts all in one convenient resource this book will become your constant companion as you confidently find your way.

PROFESSIONALS: Use this book to enhance your practice, your body of knowledge, your own expertise, and your resources. Share with clients, patients, students, and parents to help them find the community of support they’re looking for as well.

The Official Autism 101 Manual Contributors include:
James B. Adams, PhD
Anne Addison, MBA, NHA
Anthony Attwood, PhD
Jed E. Baker, PhD
Laurence A. Becker, PhD
Barry Bettman, PCC, CPCC
Teresa Bolick, PhD
Sally Brockett, MS
Jennifer Buchanan, BMT, MTA
Diane D. Burns
Laura Cook
Stephen M. Edelson, PhD
Lori Ernsperger, PhD
Karen Siff Exkorn, MA
Toni Flowers
Temple Grandin, PhD
Michelle M. Guppy
Sandra L. Harris, PhD
Daniel Hawthorne
Lawrence P. Kaplan, PhD
David Kirby, Journalist
Rebecca Landa, PhD, CCC-SLP
Lisa S. Lewis, PhD
Nicholas Martin
Keith McAfee, MD
Thomas A. McKean
Arnold Miller, PhD
Sharon Mitchell, MA
Ellen Notbohm
Barry M. Prizant, PhD
Terri Robson
Gwen Randall-Young,
Med, Cpsych
Bernard Rimland, PhD
Terri Robson, BEd
William Shaw, PhD
Stephen Shore, ABd
Lisa Simmons
Karen L. Simmons, Autism Today
Jessica "Jazz" Summers
Sherri Tenpenny, DO
Darold A. Treffert, MD
Terry Lynn Tyrell, MEd
Mary Wrobel, CCC-SLP
Pat Wyman, MA
Veronica York

Get the most recent insights from the authors and experts you trust the most. Plus dozens of new voices and resources.

• What exactly are autism spectrum disorders?
• Common characteristics/does my child have autism?
• Early diagnosis equals best outcome
• The relationship between autism and ADHD
• Theories on the causes and rising rates of autism
• The buzz about mercury
• Where to begin if someone you know has been diagnosed with asd
• Helping a parent cope emotionally
• Helping siblings and extended families cope
• How to deal with your spouse and other intimate relationships
• Creating positive parent-physician partnerships
• Ensuring positive school planning
• Adolescents with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome
• Building self-esteem for those on the autism spectrum
• Leading methodologies, therapies, and treatments

"Autism has hit close to home with my brother and business partner having autistic sons. I think all families who are affected by autism will benefit from reading The Official Autism 101 Manual. It's a truly remarkable book."

Robert G. Allen
Bestselling author of Nothing Down and
The One Minute Millionaire with Mark Victor Hansen

"Karen Simmons’ expertise in embracing life and reframing autism shows us all how to lead a positive, fulfilling, and productive life while supporting loved ones with special needs."

Stephen Shore, ABd
Bestselling author of Beyond the Wall: Personal
Experiences with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome

"The Official Autism 101 Manual is an important and dynamic resource. Topics range from diagnosis to family support and from traditional to non-traditional therapies. Some topics, such as building self-esteem of persons with ASD and understanding areas of strength, have too rarely been addressed in a field that has been preoccupied with a‘deficit-checklist’ model for so many years. This manual is an invaluable resource for parents and professionals alike."

Barry M. Prizant, PhD, CCC-SLP
Director, Childhood Communication Services
Adjunct Professor, Center for the Study of Human
Development, Brown University

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Winner of the prestigious IPPY Award in the Medicine Category

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By KAREN L. SIMMONS · Speaker · Author · Autism Specialist

Karen is the celebrated Founder and CEO of Autism Today™, an internationally acclaimed resource for autism and all special needs, both online and at numerous conferences and events around the globe. She is the parent of six children, one with autism and one with ADHD. She is also the author of four books on and for special needs and is co-author of a forthcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul® book with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

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