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EmotiPlay – “The Gift of Happiness”

EmotiPlay believes that every child with autism should have access to the best therapeutic and educational methods the world has to offer. We brought together the world’s leading autism professionals and educational technology experts to build a platform that gives therapists and parents everywhere access to research-proven tools for teaching emotion recognition. We’re committed to continue working with the autism community to help children overcome obstacles and thrive.


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EmotiPlay is a research-based tool that helps therapists, teachers, and parents teach children with autism to understand emotion, a life skill that impacts almost every element of their lives.

Technology-based interventions have the potential to become critical tools to facilitate and supplement treatment for individuals with autism and their families. In a study conducted through Cambridge University in the UK, Karolinska University in Sweden, Bar Ilan University in Israel, and supported by the European Union, children using EmotiPlay demonstrated significant improvement in emotion recognition within two months, as compared to a control group.

What do the experts say about Emotiplay? 

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