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As a leading resource in the autism and special needs community since 1998, Autism Today is pleased to make available select areas of the Autism Today website and newsletter to those seeking to get their message out to this unique community.

Whether you are an individual, a specialist or an organization with a product or service you want to offer to this large worldwide community, please contact our office  to see if you qualify for one of these marketing opportunities.


• Do you want to reach families, caregivers, teachers or other professionals helping those on the autism and special needs spectrum?
• Do you want to enhance or raise awareness about your brand, products or services which help those on the autism and special needs spectrum? You can by advertising with Autism Today, North America’s most used online autism information and resource portal since 1998.

Supply your products and services to our many subscribers. Become an Autism Today advertiser now and reach countless targeted autism related parents, professionals, educators and people on the autism spectrum.

The Facts…

  • Over 2.5 million Americans suffer from Autism 1 in 70 (2%) children are currently diagnosed with Autism
  • Autism is the fastes growing developmental disability Economic impacts on society range between $200- $400 billion
  • Estimates show that 90% of all costs are in adult services

The Need…

  • Families and caregivers with loved ones on the autism spectrum are literally overwhelmed by their busy lives and responsibilies

They Search Out Products And Services Which:

  • Make their lives easier
  • Help them better manage their home and classroom
  • Show them breakthrough ways to teach, empower and enrich the lives of their family members with autism and special needs
  • Let them know about upcoming conferences, whether online or in person.

Place your business in front of Autism Today’s 61,000 + loyal weekly newsletter readers.

How Can Autism Today Help You Reach The Autism Community?

Autism Today highlights the latest issues, dynamics, anxieties, needs and trends relating to autism. We are at the forefront of providing information and access to experts for hundreds of thousands of parents, families, teachers and caregivers who have loved ones on the spectrums.

Let us get to know you and your unique needs. We’ll help you create an integrated plan that puts you in front of the people you want to reach.

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2. E-mail us your website, information about you, your product and service, as well , details of what you want to accomplish for the highest return on your investment.

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