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Why the Media Loves to Interview Expert Karen Simmons...

About Karen Simmons:
- CEO & Founder of Autism Today
- Autism & Special Needs Expert and Speaker
- Passion for Helping Children, Families, Parents, Educators, Teachers, and Doctors Worldwide
- Mother of 6 Children (1 Autistic / 1 Special Needs)
- Organizer of Over 50+ Children's Conferences
- Author of 7 Books
- Chicken Soup for the Soul - Children with Special Needs
- Little Rainman - Autism Through the Eyes of a Child
- Artism - Art by Those with Autism
- The Official Autism 101 Manual
- Surrounded By Miracles
- The Autism Experience - Stories of Hope and Love
- Autism Tomorrow - Complete Guide to Helping Your Child Thrive in the Real World

Karen, the Autism Lady, is an autism expert who'll show your audience successful techniques to help children with autism and Asperger syndrome get along better and be more accepted by other children.
She'll tell you how she did it and how other viewers and listeners can too.

Recent Media Interviews with Karen Simmons

"Karen is a great interview and a tireless advocate for families dealing with autism! She is an inspiration for parents everywhere who has shown that great ideas and big things are often born out of our frustration. If you're looking for Autism information, go to her website. If you're looking for a great show segment or article, book her NOW!"
Tonya J. Powers
News Radio 600 WREC
Memphis, Tennessee

"Than you for allowing us to share your stories with our readers. It was one of the most touching and unforgettable I have ever worked on."
Kathy Fitzpatrick
Woman's World Magazine

"Karen did a great job of not only presenting her personal story, but also giving hope to parents and grandparents of autistic children who might be listening. I learned quite a bit about autism just talking with her."
Jeff Brucculeri
Tulsa Business Today
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Karen Simmons was a fantastic guest with so much information for families dealing with Autism. Karen is a great guest and her website is a fantastic tool for Autism Awareness and Resources!"
Shawn Michaels
Ocean County Breakfast Show
92.7 WOBM-FM
Toms River, New Jersey

"Talking with Karen Simmons was such a joy. She is a fountain of information and inspiration as she knows the special needs of our very special children. Karen Simmons of Autism Today has the answers to the questions we need."
John Maer
Metro Networks News
Indianapolis, Indiana

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