Michael Igafo Te’o, Artist and Animator

Michael Igafo-Te’o is an English-Irish-Samoan-Native American animator and is the Founder and CEO of Michael Igafo-Te’o Animation Studios. Skilled in traditional hand-drawn animation as well as Claymation, Michael and his younger sister Melody were also commissioned by The Disney Channel to star in the short film entitled, “The Time I Realized My Brother was Different.” The film is based on a book Melody wrote as a child chronicling her own tales of playing games and eating pizza with her autistic brother.

Rumor has it that Michael already has a future independent film distribution contract with Warner Bros. Animation… All we know for sure, is he will always have a home in the Autism Today ARTS Network. Check out some of his stuff in his gallery!

Great work Michael and Melody, you are an inspiration to us all!